#Write31Days 06: Our Secret Garden

A quiet Saturday morning is my favorite: waking up without an alarm, making and drinking coffee without having to rush out of the house, and (when the weather cooperates!) some time working in the yard.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, we are thankful to have a yard. Folks warned us we would grow weary of the work required; there’s a lot of it, but we’re oddly happy to be able to do it.

If you stand in front of our house, you may not look so kindly upon our yard. It’s overgrown. Two owners ago, this yard became an oasis for the couple as they planted every green plant on Earth. Legend says it was breathtaking.

A Phoenix Rose: a fire flower that surprised us when it bloomed

It only took 18 months of neglect to make the entire 0.11 acres completely impassable with thick waist-high growth. We had no idea what we would uncover as we trimmed and hacked through the overgrowth, but Saturday after Saturday we’re discovering unknown retaining walls, a hidden chicken coop and koi pond, and all manner of flowers and plants that bloom seemingly out of nowhere every week!

As I walk around the yard, I imagine scenes from The Secret Garden:

But I am quickly knocked back by the reality that we have so much work to do.

This yard is one of the many reasons I fell in love with this house so quickly. In spite of the age of the house and the fact that it had not been lived in or taken care of for awhile, it had charm and potential.

Not just potential for curb appeal, but potential that we could make it ours. If someone had spent hours and hours making the yard appealing before we bought it, it would have been a total waste of effort that we would have changed completely. We want work because we know precisely how we want our estate to be laid out.

If someone built us this brand new white vinyl fence, it would be a waste of time and money because we’d only replace it with the fence on the bottom.

For any given decision, you could maybe choose the responsible way, you could choose the fun way, or you might even be able to choose the easy way! It’s nice when you have an option that is all three at once! But, of course, every once in a while you have to choose the hard way.

Don’t get us wrong, we love easy. Easy is nice! We could clean up this yard and live in someone else’s wonderful design, enjoying every day of it. We could take the easy way and get a great outcome! Or we can take the hard way and get what we want.

Every moment I get to spend shoveling, pulling, and trimming is satisfying both to the aesthetic of the yard and to my spirit. Taking ownership of a space to make it our own feels like an amazing opportunity. And if we can create our own garden oasis (which will also include a garage🤞🏽), then we haven’t just cleaned up the space, but have given us a new purpose to explore.

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