#Write31Days 08: Jack and the Giant Peach

Did you know those schedules for anniversary presents are arbitrary? There’s literally no tradition or anything, it’s a half-cooked marketing idea. We decided to come up with our own! Year 1 we went with paper and bought prints of our wedding photos, but Year 3 was the year of 0.0% interest loans.

Have you ever heard of LoveSac? I guess it’s a thing out here, and it’s GLORIOUS! Every kid that has visited us has jumped into this thing like it’s a pile of fall leaves. It’s one of our favorite pieces of furniture that we have acquired since we got married, and easily costs three times as much as the rest of our furniture combined. A shapeless 75 lbs. of dead weight, we have now moved it three times and each time is a whole event.

[click for video] This was about 240 seconds before we crushed a downstairs neighbor’s satellite dish and patio chair.
If you loved (or still love) sitting in bean bags, then this is well worth the purchase. It has two lifetime warranties on it (no joke) and regenerative foam so, unlike those old bean bags, it never deflates. It came compressed in a duffel bag so big it could fit hockey gear for an entire starting lineup.

Emily: I remember the weekend because a big snowstorm was coming and no one was in the mall. Jack walked out to the car with this enormous bag on his shoulder.

Jack: I just remember thinking ‘this is it, we just committed to never moving from this apartment because this thing will never squeeze through any door or window.’ Now we’re literally planning an entire room in our home around it!

This isn’t just any piece of furniture, it’s a conversation starter, a movie lover’s dream, and an oasis for anyone suffering the mild pains of being 30-something. In your twenties, your body can still absorb an enormous amount of damage, but at 30 years and 1 day old, one of us got hit with a nasty H. pylori infection. She had to sleep in a sort of upright position, and thankfully we had the perfect option! Ever wake up with a debilitating kink in your neck? You’re on the lovesac for the next couple nights!


A few anniversaries have passed since that memorable one, and it’s wonderful to have a gift that just keeps on giving us new opportunities to enjoy this life we have made for ourselves. This big orange pumpkin is the perfect fit in our Yellow Rose.

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