#Write31Days 10: Rolling With The Punches (Part 1)

Purchasing your first house? Dear Reader, you’re gonna need to learn how to roll with the punches. After months of practice, we’ve come to the conclusion that the worst part of that, by far, is the part with the punches.

It turns out our basement leaks, and not just a little. Every single time it rains, even momentarily, we get gallons of water pouring in from holes in the masonry and from a basement door to the exterior. And when it rains a lot? Such as when we’re hit with one of the several 1-in-500-years sized downpours that have struck this region in the past couple years?

Let me answer you by telling you about Jack’s uncles. Years ago, they advised him to start healthy habits when you’re young because it’s basically torture to wait until you’re fifty to start eating vegetables. But, let’s be honest, Dear Reader, have you tried kale? Ever just reach into a bag and grab a handful of roughage and just… enjoy it?

It turns out there’s a way to handle these issues! Emily bakes kale chips and seasons them with cracked peppercorn and Himalayan salt – it’s a 10 min process that is legitimately the tastiest savory snack we know of. Jack fries kale in bacon fat and we for real don’t even eat burgers without it. We’re eating kale all the time, as well as walnuts, blueberries, filtered water, and full-fat yogurt. I have to say, if you ever get the chance to move next door to an Aldi, do it! And if you build a house decades before reliable waterproofing techniques are invented, make sure you have an interior drainage system (like a french drain) that is built to last for at least 100 years! Our basement walls leak, but our basement floor is perfectly dry!

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