#Write31Days 11: Part 2 of Rolling With The Punches

The Punchess Diaries 2: Rolling Engagement -or- Part 2 in our series of Rolling With the Punches

The plan was to move into our new home, get some building permits, and start demolition right away. In the middle of none of that going smoothly, Jack destroyed his right ankle in a way that absolutely defies a delicate description (even the scars are unpleasant to see). He was useless for six weeks.

It wasn’t always the case that being off his feet for a month would set back Jack’s whole life, but we weren’t always this ambitious or this certain about what we were working for. As recently as last year Jack could have easily gone 6 weeks without seeing any friends, but now he was hobbling through weekend camping trips, hanging out with local friends, and exploring new downtown neighborhoods with Emily!

We’re both physically fit young people, and we do our best to make sure that whenever that ends, we’ll be able to say we totally took advantage of what we had. We’re going to be working and sweating to do some major renovations in our home just to create a space for wasting physical effort by working out! But because human bodies make perfect sense, exercising is a thing we have to do in order to make aging easier. We’ve only just started feeling what it means to age, and we’re not fans.

2017 was an especially rough year for Emily’s physical health. It was the expensive ending of a two year battle that involved a lot of mysterious pain. Early guesses were scattershot, which was scary at the time. When she was finally diagnosed with a faulty gallbladder and inflamed appendix, it came as a lesson about ways your body can change.

Emily: I have always desired to eat healthy, although I have my vices (I love candy!). So to be brought down by my gallbladder totally caught me off guard. It made me question what I had done wrong. And when I realized that our bodies, while amazing, also take a beating, I knew that I need to roll with this almost literal gut punch.

Those physical challenges teamed up with the emotional ones. Jack bailed on his usual role as extrovert over the past couple years, which forced Emily to be the outgoing one that made friends and got us involved in fun stuff. It was worth it, but it was also a lot of work. Making friends in your 30’s isn’t easy.

Who among us HASN’T learned something awful about one of our guy friends this week?

We were looking forward to our 30’s so it surprised us when we encountered a rough few years. In an odd way, we’re thankful for what a huge inconvenience it is to, like, catch the flu now? Not that it’s awesome, it’s just a really nice change that now we have actual stuff in our life – projects, relationships, and activities – that we’re impatient to get back to! We wanna have a dog this time next year to dress up in, like, 31 different costumes all month! It’s going to take a lot to finish construction and get our yard together before we can get the dog, but in the mean time we’re so happy to be so busy!

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