#Write31Days 13: Traditions

We have been establishing traditions since we were married, and this house has given us a couple opportunities to make a some of our favorite small ones into even bigger ones!

Emily loves the season of Fall and Jack loves Halloween. We’ve both grown to love each of these because of all the things: dressing up in couples costumes, all the pumpkin coffee and pies, the cooler temps, and changing leaves. Apartment living sort of gave us a chance to decorate, but because of how often we planned on moving, we were loathe to gather too much “stuff.”

That’s all over now. We are so pumped about decorating this house! Check this out:

Our first three decorations! We are going to go absolutely bananas. Someone in the neighborhood is going to ask us to tone it down at some point, mark it.
It’s easy to lose track of which year this even was :p

Some of the other traditions we look forward to continuing are…

  • March Madness Cake Challenge (Jack has won that more than is reasonable)
  • Seeing the lights on 34th Street in Baltimore at Christmas time
  • Running at least one race every year

This house is strengthening the roots we had already put down in our six years living on the East Coast. And because we are in a new house, we look forward to establishing new traditions that will continue to create fun memories.

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