#Write31Days 15: Uprooted

As the temperatures finally drop to match the season, we are starting to winterize our home. Today we removed a massive A/C unit from our first floor window.

This project required a little extra work before we could get to the unit – there was a large bush in the way. We wanted to keep this bush, but if we dig out our basement then we’ll be digging up its location. It had been raining all day, which made the soil soft – it was the best time to move it!

Emily: I thought that would make it easy, but nope! The roots of the plants in our yard are gnarly!

We took turns digging around the base of the plant for about 40 minutes. We were both committed to the plant, but after the first 10 minutes, it didn’t look like we were going to be able to do it without help. While one of us dug deeper around the plant, the other one strategized a new plan. Jack hugged the bush while Emily pried it up with a shovel. We grabbed a tow strap and a 10 foot 2×8. Emily hugged the bush while Jack pried it up with a shovel.

Throughout the whole wrestling match we pleaded with, we scolded, and we did our best to soothe the plant. We did everything we could to convince it to let go! “This is because we want to keep you!” we would remind it. “We’ve made a place just for you!” we promised it. “Plants simply can’t be here any longer,” we would reason. We could not empathize with this plant any harder as we hauled it across the property to a sunny spot along the fence.

Welcome to your new digs, ha ha! But seriously we’re going to put manure and compost all over you.

We haven’t lived in Michigan since 2012, and we have yet to begin to start missing it less. Our friends there remain crucial parts of our support network to this day. Roots are stubborn like that.

Much as we’d like to have plopped the bush into a large planter and move it wherever the sun happens to shine, it needed space to lay down real roots. It took some real teamwork and patience to get this far, and we’ve been having fun with the work!

No more metal ceiling! You can just grow and flower as much as you want over here!

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