#Write31Days 16: Narnia

We are super excited to renovate our upstairs! One of Emily’s dreams is to create a walk-in closet that is a haven – a place of calm on hectic days. She’s an early riser specifically to create time for a leisurely morning, so we’re going to create a couple spaces to really savor that time!

As future posts will detail, these are the principles that guided us in designing a master bathroom and certain elements of our kitchen. The front porch and back yard also have their own place in our routine for calming the spirit, but the closet is a uniquely private space, so we want to make it a comforting place to gather one’s confidence before facing the day!

A space to pamper yourself is important! Emily already has a vanity she loves, all we need is the space to set it up!

We turned to Pinterest and discovered that a percentage of the internet is simply photos of glamorous walk-in closets. Dear Reader, we could no longer just build a dark corner with bare walls, throw some dusty boxes in there and close the door.

The floor, the ceiling, and each of the walls will all be built new. We control the future location of the built-in shelves, the windows, and the skylight!

The chandelier is a little much, but that seating is deluxe!

The entire reason we decided to make major changes in our lives is because we made a commitment to be intentional about taking care of ourselves. Because reasons, we’re living in a culture with increased anxiety, so we’re crafting a sanctuary as best we can! The bathroom will open directly into the closet, so all of the clean and dirty laundry should be contained, which hopefully will have a positive impact on the clutter that accumulates in the bedroom.

We didn’t buy a home with a huge closet, so in order to make the space we plan to convert one of the four bedrooms into a closet. Not only will it be luxurious to have a lot of space, but we purposely want to make sure that we’re not using it for storage of any kind. Our hope is that this will guarantee that every part of the space will add to the purpose of having a private dressing room. The lighting, the mirrors, the storage, the seating, the colors, and the art will all be tailored to provide an inspiring mood for the eager and/or grumpy person greeting the new day!

As we move forward with renovations, focusing on ways that we can take care of ourselves will be an important piece of the journey if we want to be successful in making this house our home.

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