#Write31Days 18: Unlimited Spa Privileges

Our first Baltimore apartment had a skylight above the shower, and it was wonderful to experience the sunshine first thing in the morning! The natural light combined with the warm water brightened our moods for a new day. The rest of the bathroom could not have been more drab and boring, but just that one little touch made the space feel like some fantasy sky shower experience!

Emily: A long time ago, Jack told me he wanted to have a golden throne in his bathroom. It seemed rather outlandish to me, but I understood his desire for luxury.

Jack: No, but like figuratively a raised seat on two or three small steps with ornate arm rests and a 6-foot, overstuffed velvet back rest. Just gold colored, not made of gold.


Similar to our goals for our closet, we want our bathroom to be a relaxing and calm space. A bathtub big enough to stretch your legs straight! Double shower heads and a skylight for heavenly bathing! Twin mud baths!

Ok, we’re not really installing mud baths – but there’s nothing stopping us if we wanted to!

We’re starting with a small bathroom on the second floor and pushing one wall 8 feet back. We found a 6-jet bathtub for super cheap, which we’ll install next to an enormous shower space with double shower heads and a built-in seat. We’ll craft a custom double sink from concrete and for dirty clothes we’ll add a panel in the wall into the laundry room next door.

The materials are super cheap, and we can design it to be whatever dimensions we need for the space.

Like the skylight in the shower, most of these are ideas we’ve grabbed from other bathrooms we’ve seen. When we were married, we had two half-honeymoons. The first was in a casino in Detroit, which happened to have a four person tub? It was huge! It was less bathtub and more bathpool. In our hunt for an olympic sized tub, we found a bathjacuzzi!

Our second half-honeymoon was in Cancun with some newlywed friends at their destination wedding. This suite at this tourist resort had a shower that was just a whole section of the bathroom itself! It was about 8’x6′ and was separated from the rest of the bathroom by a 5′ tile wall. Why have so many of us been showering inside of tubs all these years??

We’ll more than double the size of the current bathroom and raise the ceiling.

What we’re actually going to do for the commode is copy an idea Jack saw at MIT. One of their conference spaces has a bathroom with stalls that have floor-to-ceiling doors. It’s like a 3’x5′ little room within a room! It’s not like you’re in a giant bathroom, it’s like you’re in your own little private space with a fan in the ceiling! We’ll make ours a little bigger than that, but it’s gonna be super isolated and private.

Dreaming about a bathroom may seem odd, but it’s a space we’re creating from scratch in our new home. If you had to build a whole new bathroom, how big would you make it? What features would you add? Maybe a towel warmer? Heated floors? An entire wall that was a fancy waterfall sculpture? It’s not too late to give us some more ideas!

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