#Write31Days 19: Getting Ready for 2018 (Belatedly)

Emily wrote a post earlier this year on her blog, reflecting on the previous year and her hesitation for 2018. If you would have told us in February that we would buy a house 4 months later and be more rooted in Maryland than we had been in 6 years, we would have been skeptical. How?? There was no way to see the path ahead at that point.

The years 2015, ’16, & ’17, were filled with some turbulence in our lives. Failure, stress, and physical ailments only scratch the surface. Yet, a long distance support system, new adventures, and making a few close friends kept us going.

Time moves fast. It’s already been almost 4 months since we closed on our Yellow Rose. We still talk about how wild it is to have our very own place with our very own yard! Though we have barely unpacked and are living in a makeshift space as we plan renovations, it’s our space. There’s no deadlines other than the ones we set, and we can enjoy where we are at.

Emily: Jack made us record a video as we rang in the new year. I absolutely dreaded it because I could not imagine having to face another difficult year. But 2018 has surprised me. Sure, there have been some bumps in the road, but our path moved forward and brought us to a rhythm of life that we had not previously experienced since we moved to the East Coast.

The funny thing about not being ready for 2018 is that 2018 ain’t care. Ready or not, it’s happening, which is rather inconsiderate. Like Jack Sparrow said, that’s in the category of things we can’t control, so we’ve been focusing on everything else.

There’s plenty that we *are* in control of!

The major difficulties in our life right now are all very pedestrian, which we don’t take for granted in the slightest! Far from dreading the rest of 2018, we’re really looking forward to the future. It’ll either be tough – in which case we can handle it, or it’ll be fine – in which case we’ll enjoy it even more!

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